• Zele-A12X-OS 30mm

  • Zele-A12X-OS 24mm

  • Zele-A12X-OS

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Along with horizon, feel the wind floating, come with DRIVELINE to the never end, forward to.

"JYE-SEN" has many years of OEM and ODM professional capacity of the innovation, whole plant equipment for precision independent self-manufacturing, testing and manufacturing process management supervision, surely for industry partners to reduce costs effectively and significantly improve efficiency. In the transmission group of institutions (Transmission Parts), tooth plate (Chain wheel & Cranks) and other components of the R & D, mainly by forging technology-based. Over the pass years, "JYE-SEN" processing improvement continuously, research and innovation by the highest degree of industry competition success advantages in quality and the efficiency, win the reputation and be the most respected and trusted partners in industry. Recently years, in investment owned brands, the first design-oriented brand by "JYE-SEN" had been introduced ─ "DRIVELINE"─with highly degree of innovation,

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